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 cbd infused edibles.


anticipating the legalization of adult use cbd edibles
leadership position in the edibles market

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Cbd has the potential to disrupt several prominent industries: advanced materials, cosmetics, energy, fibre and textiles, food and protein production and the health and wellness sectors.

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In addition, hemp is a natural source of CBD, the non-intoxicating component of cannabis that can be used for health and wellness purposes.

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We have a CBD business that really was an afterthought a year ago and it’s turning out to be a monster

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cbd infused edibles

edibles delivery
anticipated future growth of the domestic edibles market
product development team
innovations to the cannabis industry
cannabis production facility


high-quality products
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development partners and suppliers
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cbd infused edibles
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recreational cannabis brands
cannabis regulations
overall edibles market timing

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The CBD industry is the world’s fastest growing industry, and this has created significant opportunities for investors. Over the next year, we expect to see significant consolidation in the CBD industry and this is something we are monitoring closely.