Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis

Advocates of cannabis have long cited the drug’s benefits in pain management.

UK campaigners want the government to go even further pointing to the potential social and economic benefits

Medical cannabis has been legal in the UK for nearly two years.


Why is the NHS refusing to prescribe medical cannabis?

The head of NHS England has warned that medical cannabis risks “normalising drug use” in the UK.

Simon Stevens argues that medical cannabis could pave the way for the drug to be legalised for recreational use.

Cannabis 0il for epileptic Teagan

seems to be “no end to the stress and trauma” of trying to get medical cannabis for her child after a second batch was seized.

Emma Appleby flew back to Britain from the Netherlands carrying a month’s supply of medical cannabis oil for her nine-year-old daughter Teagan.


Border Force officials confiscated the medication from her when she arrived back at Gatwick Airport.

This is the second time she has had medical cannabis oil seized after Border Force officials confiscated a three-month supply of the medication, which cost £4,600, from her at Southend Airport.

Tonia Antoniazzi MP‏  

The Labour MP for Gower called on Health Secretary Matt Hancock to “get a grip of this and sort it out”.

Cost of medical cannabis in the UK

the average cost of a medical cannabis prescription £150-£250 per month THC/CBD

Cannabis Cards

Police chiefs back cards which will ‘effectively decriminalise’ the drug for 3.5m

Backed by the Police Federation of England and Wales

Simon Kempton, of the Police Federation, ‘Our members didn’t join the police to lock up these people

Cannabis-based products for medicinal use

NHS Frequently asked questions