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A new era in Medical Cannabis

U.K, EU, Poland Market Development www.auroramj.co.uk  Aurora the Canadian company defining the future of cannabis worldwide.

U.K, EU, Poland Market Development💯

Aurora Receives First Approval for Medicinal Cannabis Product in Ireland

Aurora’s High CBD Oil Drops have now been approved for use under Ireland’s new Medical Cannabis Access Programme (MCAP)


Dr Shane Morris, Chief Product Officer at Aurora said, “Aurora is pleased to be able to assist patients who are seeking treatment with high quality EU-GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis in Ireland. 

Aurora’s High CBD Oil Drops received approval from the Irish authorities and have now been added to a regulatory schedule by the Irish Minister of Health enabling importation, prescribing and supply under the scheme and is to date, one of only two products to gain such authorization.

We look forward to more of Aurora’s high-quality medicines being approved, so that more patients can benefit from the MCAP in Ireland. 

Canada’s largest cannabis store💯

11,000-square-foot storefront at North America’s biggest mall. Aurora’s outlet will also become the only mall-based Cannabis store in Canada.

The Aurora Flagship stores at West Edmonton Mall is set to open to the public on Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2019

The massive store will be broken up into two areas. One is for non-pot sales, education and events, and it will also introduce tourists to Canada’s cannabis sector.

“Aurora is proud to call Edmonton home. It’s here where we established our roots and built our business,” Aurora CEO Terry Booth said.

It has more than 30-million visitors a year

The focus is really going to be around cannabis legalization, the products that we carry, learning about Aurora, learning about how the industry is evolving and then learning about consumption.

The store will work with artists, chefs and other innovators to help people learn about Cannabis 2.0 (edibles, beverages etc.) coming into the market that’s going to have a huge impact on the industry

Aurora mentioned some efforts including its recent agreements with two partners in the United Kingdom 💯

It is anticipated that the agreements will see a broad range of full spectrum cannabis oils and dried flower introduced to the UK

Aimed at speeding up the delivery of more medical cannabis to the U.K. market 

Aurora appoints IPS Pharma and Grow Biotech as importer and distributor for the UK market

Expanding on Aurora’s first commercial export of cannabis oil into the United Kingdom (“UK”),

the Company recently entered into agreements with two local partners to accelerate delivery of additional medical cannabis to the UK market.

The partners will oversee the implementation of an educational program for UK based healthcare professionals and manage the distribution of medical cannabis within the country.

Medical Devices and Biocides in Poland, released the marketing authorization for 4 of Aurora’s products. This authorization enables Aurora to expand its product offering in Poland with the following varieties:

  1. Cannabis Flos Aurora Deutschland GmbH (THC =1%, CBD 12%)
  2. Cannabis Flos Aurora Deutschland GmbH (THC 8%, CBD 8%)
  3. Cannabis Flos Aurora Deutschland GmbH (THC 20%, CBD =1%)
  4. Cannabis Flos Aurora Deutschland GmbH (THC 22%, CBD =1%)


Aurora is planning to enter the US market in the very near future.

This message was delivered loud and clear by CEO Terry Booth, in the most recent conference call with investors and echoed by CCO Cam Battley in several post-ER video interviews as well as Executive Chairman Michael Singer who said “… we will have a significant footprint in the U.S. in the coming quarters.” What they aren’t saying is how they plan to accomplish this.

Aurora Cannabis Completes Hempco Food and Fibre Acquisition

Aurora identified the potential of hemp-derived CBD early on

completing its first investment in Hempco in 2017, and has subsequently expanded its hemp-based infrastructure through targeted acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

for the extraction of primarily cannabidiol (“CBD”) and other cannabinoids

With expertise across genetics, extraction, product development, brands and distribution, Aurora Hemp is an end-to-end offering across the entire hemp value chain


“Aurora is defining the future of cannabis and hemp, globally,” said Terry Booth, CEO of Aurora. “Through the addition of Hempco, we have assembled a world-class portfolio of high-quality hemp assets that together form the basis of a strong new operating division that will develop CBD-from-hemp around the world. Aurora Hemp brings together the cultivars, strategic partners, brands, and distribution networks to service medical, consumer, and wellness markets and further advances Aurora’s entry into the US hemp food and hemp-derived CBD markets.”

UFC Clinical Research and Product Development

through this partnership Aurora and UFC will research and examine the use of hemp-derived CBD as an effective treatment for pain, inflammation, wound-healing, and recovery on MMA athletes.

Research data will then be used to drive the development of a portfolio of science-backed, high-quality, hemp-derived CBD topical treatments, under the new high-performance sports brand ROAR Sports.

Luxembourg to be first European country to legalise cannabis💯

Luxembourg has called on its EU neighbours to relax their drug laws as its health minister confirmed plans to become the first European country to legalise cannabis production and consumption.

Luxembourg will follow Canada in legalising the possession of 30 grams of cannabis.

Tax revenues will be reinvested in drug education and addiction treatment programmes

Residents over the age of 18 are expected to be able to buy the drug for recreational use legally within two years. The state will regulate production and distribution through a cannabis agency.

Schneider said the legislation was likely to include a ban on non-residents buying cannabis in order to dissuade drug-tourism. Home-growing is also likely to be prohibited.

Aurora the Canadian company defining the future of cannabis worldwide💯

The Company expects to report that production available for sale for Q4 2019 will be at the upper end of the range between 25,000 kg and 30,000 kg, ahead of previous guidance of 25,000 kgs.

Aurora’s management team and Board of Directors continue to drive a culture rooted in quality, transparency, and regulatory compliance. Aurora has grown both organically and through acquisitions of companies with shared visions, and today this culture is ingrained in Aurora’s over 2,500 employees across the globe.

“Our Q4 2019 guidance highlights Aurora’s continued leadership,” said Terry Booth, CEO of Aurora. “We set out to be best-in-class cultivators, and through carefully evaluated acquisitions, that vision continues to drive exceptional results today. We are the leader in cultivation capacity, production available for sale and revenues for cannabis in the Canadian medical and consumer markets.

We continue to lead the build out of European and other international medical cannabis markets. Our success to date comes from a focus on quality, regulatory compliance, appropriate Board of Directors oversight, and delivering a profitable, low risk and sustainable business for our shareholders.”

Choom Acquires 7 Additional Cannabis Retail Locations in BC and Alberta



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Building Europe’s Medical Cannabis Industry💯

The leaders of the medical cannabis industry in the heart of the city of London

the Southbank Centre

This two-day event will explore the latest developments in the UK market and the professionalisation of the industry across the European continent

Aurora Cannabis in the UK and becoming Medical Cannabis Global Leader.

Aurora Cannabis CCO Cam Battley visits James at the Cannabis Europa Conference in London, UK.

Cam Battley was a guest speaker and discusses the potential for the UK to be a leader in medical cannabis on a global basis.

While regulations at the moment make it a challenging process to provide medical patients with accessible cannabis products, Battley knows that Aurora can overcome those hurdles.

Andrew Neil chairing latest session #CannabisEuropa

Good to see norman lamb and Crispin Blunt making a strong case for legalising and regulating recreational cannabis for adults.

“There is a price to be paid for being cautious” says normanlamb as to whether the UK can wait years to see the evidence from Canada

Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lesotho, Monyane Moleleki, speaks at CannabisEuropa.

How medicinal cannabis has been key to Lesotho’s growth & poverty eradication strategy.

Lesotho was first African country to legalise cultivation and export of medicinalcannabis.

Deepak Anand discussing CBD legalization, and new regulations rolling out on MidasLetter💯

“The Responsible Face of the Industry” panel at cannabiseuropa

With over 80 speakers across 18 talks, Cannabis Europa London has something for everybody.

Aurora Cannabis Extends Exclusive Supply Relationship with Luxembourg

Aurora Deutschland has been selected by the Luxembourg Health Ministry as the exclusive supplier in a public bid to supply the second delivery of medical cannabis to Luxembourg.

About AuroraMJ

Aurora’s Common Shares trade on the TSX and NYSE under the symbol “ACB”


Aphria Completes German Tender Process and Receives Fifth Culitvation License in Germany💯

Aphria announced that its German subsidiary Aphria Deutschland had been awarded a fifth lot for the cultivation of medical cannabis in Germany as part of the Company’s previously awarded license from the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (“BfArM“).

The additional lot was provisionally awarded to Aphria Germany in April and was secured following a review by a German court, which affirmed the original decision by the BfArM.

With this decision, Aphria Germany won the maximum output from the German tender process – a total of five lots – and stands as the only licensed producer in Germany with the permission to grow all three strains of medical cannabis approved by the BfArM.

“We are thrilled about our successful conclusion to the German tender process, which has awarded Aphria with the most comprehensive license in the country,” said Hendrik Knopp, Managing Director of Aphria Germany.

Aphria Germany is building its over 8,000 square meter indoor growing facility in Neumünster and is completing work on a state-of-the-art GMP-certified cannabis vault in Bad Bramstedt for the import of cannabis flowers and oil from Canada, Australia and Denmark. Aphria Germany also holds a 25.1% interest in Berlin-based Schöneberg Hospital, which provides access to both doctors and patients for education on the benefits of medical cannabinoids.

The company also recently introduced CannRelief, a CBD-based nutraceutical and cosmetics product line for the German market, produced in the EU and distributed by CC Pharma, a subsidiary of Aphria with access to more than 13,000 pharmacies throughout Germany.