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Why Weed Gives You the Munchies

‘When you smoke marijuana or eat hashish cookies or whatever, obviously your brain functions change. That’s the whole idea behind them.

We don’t need science to tell us that getting stoned and getting the munchies tend to go hand in hand—but a team of neuroscientists may have discovered the exact reason why weed can make you can tear through a pile of junk food.

key findings might provide a clue as to why snacking stoners aren’t all morbidly obese. “When you use cannabinoids, these neurons start to secrete [endorphins that promote feeding]—but they are still producing and storing the other guy, which is the anti-feeding chemical,” Horvath says. Once your high wears off, the POMC neurons are able to release the alpha-MSH, which could cause a rebound phase in which you eat less.

“I think it sort of balances itself out and may not contribute to elevated body weight—unless you eat and smoke nonstop.”

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