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Grown😉all over the world.
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That’s what your tweet reminded me of. #StayLifted 💨💨
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@cbdcakes @luxury Absolutely – Cannabis heals all illness. It can even raise the Dead. Jesus used it in the Bible. It was called Kaneh-Bosm – look it up.
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@cbdcakes @edmcdermott12 can I ask Ed as previously mentioned by ffwd is the aim still to enter this sector??
@cbdcakes @edmcdermott12 https://t.co/MjQWlz52oW
@36e8b731552549d @cbdcakes It’s a sector we have experience In and subject to regulatory approval we would invest in medical cannabis opportunities
@edmcdermott12 @cbdcakes Thanks for reply Ed and do you see a problem in gaining regulatory approval or are things now progressing in a positive fashion?
@edmcdermott12 @36e8b731552549d @cbdcakes Thank god someone official has finally said “#FFWD are not invested in #EMMAC”. Hopefully we can put a line under all the nonsense now 👍
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@cbdcakes Bet you he hasn’t a clue how the oil stuff is made from 🤭 yeah.. its Skunk 😂
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@cbdcakes This will be huge for #ffwd investors
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Our biggest fans this week: @BoyGiuly, @_deepakanand, @cbdcakes. Thank you! via https://t.co/BYGjiqjJ6s https://t.co/mLZDbztcF0
@cbdcakes I glad I invested in disrupting technology companies via #FFWD
Hey Cbd Cakes(@cbdcakes), thank you for following me
@Steve00816 @cbdcakes It beats wiping your arse with rabbits 😂😂😂
@cbdcakes 😂
@FranklinEpic @cbdcakes @PhoenixRisesAK tks for the RT! >Regulations on #cannabis #edibles are causing controversy in #Canada. Health Canada is proposing a 10 mg #THC limit for #marijuana edible packages, but critics say that’s way too low. https://t.co/4Fi6uwx3jQ #cannabiscanada
@cbdcakes CBD oil is okay to a point. The sooner politicians realise THC is also every bit as beneficial the better
@End_Our_Pain @cbdcakes @MattHancock @DHSCgovuk @EndOurPain If medicinal cannabis was legalised last year, then I guess my question has to be, WTF is going on ?
@End_Our_Pain @cbdcakes @MattHancock @DHSCgovuk @EndOurPain Followed by just exactly how much money does the reaper have to earn before we can using basic common sense ?
@cbdcakes Lol
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@edmcdermott12 @cbdcakes @edmcdermott12 This seems to contradict the article in the Times which read like an ipo was fairly imminent.
Wow! Great news here! Welcome #KsumNole – welcome #EMS 😃👍
#TRX #EMS #CBD #adoptionishere
@justinsuntron @cbdcakes @Fiddler791 @ShanePo10827868
Awesome partnership, spread the word! https://t.co/u4vOZ5LJNj
@cbdcakes @TikkiTum @ffwdinnovations @masterinvestor I’m Out. https://t.co/6Ry7vjMVqC
CBD Sales of products have skyrocketed. – #cbdcakes https://t.co/9yuZrVjiFB via @cbdcakes
CBD Sales of products have skyrocketed. – #cbdcakes https://t.co/ZBfodG7nCn via @cbdcakes
@cbdcakes @EMMACPLC @ffwdinnovations @HealthEuropa Thanks for posting this
@cbdcakes Should be Indica.
@conkers3 @GaryNTrader @cnni @claudiohfox @36e8b731552549d @atomantshow @cbdcakes @contrariansmind @Kevalp187 People should be focusing on European medical cannabis. The market is primed and ready. It’s also twice the size of the US by population. Until Federal laws are passed it remains just potential.
@greenhamneggs @conkers3 @cnni @claudiohfox @36e8b731552549d @atomantshow @cbdcakes @contrariansmind @Kevalp187 Could get passed but there is risk – but the fact that CBD is now used in at least one prescription drug could make it harder, as may mean trials of products etc (as per typical FDA rules when an ingredient in prescription drug also appears in supplements, cosmetics etc)
@greenhamneggs @conkers3 @GaryNTrader @cnni @36e8b731552549d @atomantshow @cbdcakes @contrariansmind @Kevalp187 Wise words there imo. The foundations were laid 18 months ago.
@GaryNTrader @greenhamneggs @cnni @claudiohfox @36e8b731552549d @atomantshow @cbdcakes @contrariansmind @Kevalp187 Immediate #CBD #MedcalCannabis opps inc: export to Germany, which will depend on imports for the foreseeable future to meet its domestic demand.

Setting up cultivation or production facilities in Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Malta, North Macedonia & Portugal https://t.co/bGmrpsJFyt
@conkers3 @GaryNTrader @cnni @claudiohfox @36e8b731552549d @atomantshow @cbdcakes @contrariansmind @Kevalp187 I know a man in Denmark coincidentally. Wise old bird he is…
@GaryNTrader @greenhamneggs @conkers3 @cnni @claudiohfox @36e8b731552549d @cbdcakes @contrariansmind @Kevalp187 Already in snacks.. https://t.co/bDZ6PRTLGK
@claudiohfox @greenhamneggs @conkers3 @cnni @36e8b731552549d @atomantshow @cbdcakes @contrariansmind @Kevalp187 We will see loads of companies trying to piggyback this which will ultimately fail (BLCC for instance), but there will also be a handful of good ones that do very well
@atomantshow @greenhamneggs @conkers3 @cnni @claudiohfox @36e8b731552549d @cbdcakes @contrariansmind @Kevalp187 US market is regulated in a different way, all comes down to how the FDA decide to regulate it now that it no longer comes under DEA jurisdiction. Industrial hemp in the US isn’t a problem, just the CBD derived products
@GaryNTrader @greenhamneggs @conkers3 @cnni @36e8b731552549d @atomantshow @cbdcakes @contrariansmind @Kevalp187 The trail through Europe is fascinating & the original strategic plan should be applauded.
Recreational laws determined the switch. Executed well. Patience needed now. #Denmark #Germany #Malta #Israel #Spain #Italy
Original links #MedicinalCannabis
CBD BRIGHTON – #cbdcakes https://t.co/UKE9LZfinC via @cbdcakes
@cbdcakes @Tat_TvamAsi @OfficialSxb @ffwdinnovations #FFWD welcome @OfficialSxb @KevinGlor @EMS_token @EMMACPLC
@cbdcakes @thisismoney Am I wrong to be concerned at the lack of investment within agriculture in this country given the current Brexit/economy related scaremongering?
@cbdcakes @cbdflowersuk @alastair_moore_ @Aurora_MMJ A big player in the business. If I could I would be buying shares in them 🙈
@cbdcakes @cbdflowersuk @alastair_moore_ @Aurora_MMJ Cheers. Was into this a few years ago when things were kicking off. I know @aphriainc and Canopy Growth could be ones to watch too. I just could do with a few grand to invest 😁👍
@cbdcakes Splendid. 👍👍
@cbdcakes No evidence?
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations Tasty tasty what a find
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@HighTylerGreen @cbdcakes Have a good one 👍🏻🌱
@ArfonJ @cbdcakes @AlisonHernandez
@benandjerrys @cbdcakes Support #righttogrow and #endprohibition if you want to see people of all colours arrested unfairly.

Race isn’t the problem here. Class is.
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Hi @cbdcakes @jameslfaulkner’ interview w/ @edmcdermott12 & mine completed on the behalf of @masterinvestor w/ #JimMellon should be available soon.

My interview w/ Aubrey De Grey could also be of interest wrt $FFWD’s 💰#AI #AGEING 👍 https://t.co/fgYQEEApo8
We have a CBD business that really was an afterthought a year ago and it’s turning out to be a monster #cbdflowers
https://t.co/7JEEbEY74H #cbdcakes @cbdcakes https://t.co/ySzokGQ8jc
We have a CBD business that really was an afterthought a year ago and it’s turning out to be a monster #cbdflowers
https://t.co/nBnMIuFupu #cbdcakes @cbdcakes https://t.co/tZEXI4FItB
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@cbdcakes @MidasLetter @DanBilzerian @IgniteCCo @DanBbilzerian They need to put this picture in the dictionary under sketchbag
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@cbdcakes Which actually reads as Jersey planning to become a safer Amsterdam and would like facilities in place early. 😂
@EMS_token @cbdcakes @GatewaytoHemp @PlasticHemp this project aiming to bring #hemp #cbd #healthcare onto the #blockchain to bring about new direction in #agriculture #health
@jxs606 @EMS_token @cbdcakes @PlasticHemp I’ve spent several days talking with @PlasticHemp and learning about current plastic industry practices. There’s so much waste in all industries when it comes to plastic. There’s a tremendous opportunity as businesses become more engaged. We are working to distribute these goods
@GatewaytoHemp @EMS_token @cbdcakes @PlasticHemp @EMS_token team as it starts to build a sustainable #hemp supply should start to look into these avenues such as @PlasticHemp and facilitating the switch to a low carbon civilisation…
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@cbdcakes @mumonamission5 @crazyjane125 I actually thought it was aliens at first before realising it was just lightning.
@cbdcakes That freaking sucks, there’s pretty much no THC so their raids make literally no sense.
@cbdcakes Has it finally been released?
@cbdcakes I CC what you have done there
@cbdcakes @cbdflowersuk @wordpressdotcom too right it will!
@cbdcakes Enjoy your day! #CBDcakes
@cbdcakes ❤️
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations @EMMACPLC @BlossomSwissCBD @EMS_token preaching the same message..bringing the benefits of ancient crops to the masses for a healthy planet platform #hemp #blockchain #agritech
@cbdcakes @intuLakeside 🤗 Thank you guys. 👍 CBD cakes sounds and look amazing!
#FF @ektyworld @JeanetteJoy @LoriMoreno @Teal_TriStarMed @jonathanhoban @702_traffic @plantandhemp @Lawyers_Article @AHC_4Health @awallace1337 @FemaleHealth20 @C2C_New_York @Brainpopdrink @PomPalaceRescue @animals_pixs @cbdcakes @Amazingattack
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@cbdcakes @TheCannabisCon2 @DragonflyCBD https://t.co/rrxvWVH5HQ
@_deepakanand @cbdcakes @Forbes Uh, @Forbes?

Terpene infused #cbd is not new. Not even close. We would know we sell well over 2,000 products from 150 CBD brands. We also work their advertising and brand deal distribution. There’s absolutely terpenes being used is absolutely not a new thing. Feels clickbaity.
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations Question… @VOXmarkets when will you release the info on this brand new marketing system? Will you be able to use @YTCreators?

I only ask because the BLUNT system that you’re stealing this idea from has existed since 2015 and YouTube has blocked us.
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations @VOXmarkets @YTCreators Again, just curious because if it turns out that @youtube has blocked us and ended careers of people looking to help creators and sick people looking to help others just to steal and capitalize on the EXTREMELY DOCUMENTED idea… That’s a @ftc violation
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations @VOXmarkets @YTCreators @YouTube @FTC Let me rephrase one more time… returner 150 CBD companies, 37 cultivators, 7 Labs and we are active on calling out scams and providing information YOU WON’T CARE TO DO to keep the patient and customer safe. We’ve been building this for a year.
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations @VOXmarkets @YTCreators @YouTube @FTC We are backed by 3 501 charities, 150 CBD companies, 37 cultivators, 7 Labs and that’s ONE company. We have over 200 creators that speak out across 7 platforms that have helped us to build the marketing platform you are claiming is brand new since 2015.
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations @VOXmarkets @YTCreators @YouTube @FTC I have documents and contracts on and off line and communication through Twitter with @YTCreators regarding their punishing our creators hilt cbd ads.

Does this mean they can advertise cbd for you but are banned for us? That’s a monopoly and unfair trade Law, my friends.
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations @VOXmarkets @YTCreators @YouTube @FTC I guess what I’m saying is this is not a new thing, it’s another stolen thing from youtube that blatantly cuts off our ads so they can directly profit. We have evidence of this.

Is this why you refuse to answer questions regarding our services for an entire year?
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations @VOXmarkets @YTCreators @YouTube @FTC I know Google thinks it’s untouchable, but you can’t blatantly steal business ideas then block others in a fair market when you left a paper trail proving this. Come now!

You will NEVER be able to manufacture the love and dedication we have. Ever.
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations @VOXmarkets @YTCreators @YouTube @FTC Allowing Google the monopoloy to block competition prevents a fair market for consumers. Cbd is in regards to health, you’re selling your users to the highest bidder again while ending careers of those who work with us.

That’s a blatant disregard for federal law https://t.co/6NDWS0B7UF
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations @VOXmarkets @YTCreators @YouTube @FTC Ban cbd users that work with us too open your own ads.

You blocked our marketing platform so you could create your own with an industry you do not know so you could prevent us from advertising, allowing you to do so.

But how @GoogleAds? https://t.co/41hVIOIuMx
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations @VOXmarkets @YTCreators @YouTube @FTC @GoogleAds If alphabet decides to create a COPY of a market, claim it is new, and prevent our ads and creators in the process they are creating advertising monopolies ran on deceptive ads preventing the free market trade we need as American consumers. Federal. Violation. https://t.co/dhjBhCMNRY
@cbdcakes @_deepakanand @Forbes You can’t trademark a smell dude what are you on about nothing that you’ve ever written has ever been true. That’s like saying we’re taking the smell from the lavender plant and we’re going to trademark it. Of course I’ve heard of terpenes they exist in the plant I work with
@cbdcakes @_deepakanand @Forbes Know how every company in the world has a lavender scented thing? Because you can’t trademark a flower. That’s how I know that you’re full of shit. You can’t trademark a terpene and there’s 17 CBD terpene companies by the way that I know of.

Do you steal / lie about things?
@cbdcakes @_deepakanand @Forbes What you’re doing is very detrimental to our industry. You’re lying to people you’re handing out fake information and then you’re claiming that you’re creating new things that exist already. Do you realize that the industry has existed before you found out about it?
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations @VOXmarkets @YTCreators @YouTube @FTC Sounds like a blatant violation of the FTC guidelines and a direct attack on my company that’s existed since 2015 https://t.co/5kQo5uW7Ys
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations @VOXmarkets @YTCreators @YouTube @FTC I’m in America and YouTube is in America they can’t do that I’m unsure of laws in England but you should be able to do this in England either you guys should have some sort of Fair competition or trade out there
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations @VOXmarkets @YTCreators @YouTube @FTC We’ve been attempting to go to the UK next you guys were the last ones open trade that followed suit with us guidelines. I know that the UK has dedicated a lot of efforts towards the industry and create a lot of Hemp stock as well
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations @VOXmarkets @YTCreators @YouTube @FTC We’ve been working with @CBDscams who’s located outside the US. They’ve been helping us stay on top of dangerous UK material and changes to import.

My position is that of education and awareness above all. That’s why this is scary.
@cbdcakes @_deepakanand @Forbes Okay I’ll accept this lol
@cbdcakes @_deepakanand @Forbes I’m not going to get you by the way I’m yelling at your articles LOL it’s very frustrating thing to see all these companies working so hard just to get shut off by Mastercard or YouTube or this or that, it’s not fair
@cbdcakes @CbdHealthy @_deepakanand @Forbes Best reply ever lol.

I love even cbd companies can come together and laugh about things
@cbdcakes @_deepakanand @Forbes I understand completely and I apologize for my initial complaint
@cbdcakes @_deepakanand @Forbes And you know you do want to have Freedom of Information out there and I’m 100% behind that I just get so annoyed because it’s not all correct. I respect your position though
@cbdcakes @_deepakanand @Forbes Hey if we didn’t get a little animated over our jobs we probably shouldn’t be in the industry lol

We have beef with youtube. This just struck a nerve for me
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations For clarity this is the entire statement. From what I hear you’ve done a really good job @KimberChaos https://t.co/HbojeUcIWM
@KimberChaos @cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations Erm. What are you on about?
CBD CAFE BRIGHTON SHUT DOWN – Cbd Cakes UK https://t.co/Tgy7SuEKYS via @cbdcakes
CBD CAFE BRIGHTON SHUT DOWN – Cbd Cakes UK https://t.co/FPFrZiNTLr via @cbdcakes
@KevyknowsKevin @cbdcakes If they’re not escorting rioters to organised fights or doing fuck all about street stabbings you can guarantee they’ll waste resources effort and time hampering a forward thinking family business.

Well done, you must be very proud.
@cbdcakes Meanwhile the UK exports the most medical cannabis in the world.. the UK govt has to get it together and legalize already!
@cbdcakes Thank you for that resource!
@ShareWomble @cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations Nothing womble.
@cbdcakes 😍
@cbdcakes @_deepakanand @Forbes Heard about this…
@cbdcakes @Leafly no 🙂
@cbdcakes @ShareWomble @ffwdinnovations HAPPY FRIDAY! lol

Womble – It was a misunderstanding from yesterday that was cleared up.
@KimberChaos @cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations Got it! I was confused. Thanks, have a good weekend.
@ShareWomble @cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations I confused myself! I jumped the gun being angry at something I shouldn’t have.

Twitter is serious business lol
@KimberChaos @ShareWomble @cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations Wish everyone on Twitter was as honest as you Kimber. 😂
@Tat_TvamAsi @ShareWomble @cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations LOL you’re making me blush!
@cbdcakes @ShareWomble @ffwdinnovations Why is instagram going ham today? They censored @TheWeedTube too!
@cbdcakes @ShareWomble @ffwdinnovations Is it the failed to post the refresh Circle repost. Is that working? We’ve lost three Instagram’s already so I understand completely all they’re doing is making themselves now no longer and honest platform since they’re censoring and I don’t like that
@cbdcakes @ShareWomble @ffwdinnovations I challenged insta. They won’t answer but enough people do they’ll have up
@cbdcakes And I can see the 50 dollar a quart price tag already
@cbdcakes #Emmac #ffwd invested
@cbdcakes Barbaras presentation was head and shoulders above the others.
@cbdcakes @MetroUK Lawsuit money? Lol
@Thatgirlwitweed #weedstagram420 @cbdcakes @spliffseeds #smokeweedeveryday #kusharmy #weedlife #weedsociety #cannabiscup @nuTTTz_ https://t.co/4kwSe7oemT
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CBD Holland & Barrett – Cbd Cakes UK💜 https://t.co/1JrVSaI341 via @cbdcakes
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Where To Buy CBD Flower In London https://t.co/axGyv7AewE #CBDFLOWERS @CBDCAKES
@cbdcakes Hypocritical tory. Shame on her for denying cannabis to critically ill children despite being a stoner herself.
@cbdcakes Cheers, already have a fair few domains registered myself 😆
CBD Domains – Cbd Cakes UK💜 https://t.co/8ArwtAniOg via @cbdcakes
CBD Domains – Cbd Cakes UK💜 https://t.co/Z7HgbV4jRq via @cbdcakes
@cbdcakes @michaelgove Oh Zammo you could of been so much more…like the new leader of the Conservative Party 😂
@cbdcakes And that’s only the one’s who admit it, Imagine if the closet consumers came out 🌱🌱
@cbdcakes @talkRADIO Why not? It’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of! Lying to people about how #Cannabis helps millions of people world wide? Now that’s something to be ashamed of!! #ReleaseTheHerb
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations Happy days mate, congrats to Lorne @ffwdinnovations #FFWD
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations Excellent CBD, good fortunes to you sir 👌
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations #Socati are really interesting with the cbd work they’re doing.

I missed that news, thanks. #Cannabis & #MediTech #MediCannabis is going to be a huge global market.
@cbdcakes @piersmorgan Hehe whiz s kk and Tyson’s ko Kush can compete at weed events! Ha see who really gets knocked out lol
@cbdcakes haha yes we are! Back and bigger than ever!
@TV_HIEC_Chair @TopTradersADVFN @darrenhazelwood @cbdcakes @360AutoLEICS @_mattpiper @MagazineNiche @stemexe @COPD_research @Aendryr @cambiumplants @robnewton20 Thank u4 your ❤️& RT #INVESTING #FINANCE #BUSINESS #RESEARCH #CONKERSCORNER #PODCAST #VIDEO👉https://t.co/iH4QZCUZQd👈 https://t.co/Q7bPPodn9k
@cbdcakes @BeckleyResearch Don’t forget https://t.co/GDja1NOtio ;D
@cbdcakes Great post n nice read.
@Thatgirlwitweed #weedstagram420 @cbdcakes @spliffseeds #smokeweedeveryday #kusharmy #weedlife #weedsociety #cannabiscup @nuTTTz_ https://t.co/ECw4cmzQBn
@cbdcakes I WANT IN TOO wait we are in. I want? We want payment platforms?! Can… can we get that?
#FF @traveling1223 @hemp_ve @always5star @abidnev @LoriMoreno @LetsFaceItCare @cleangreenmind @CuteAnimals181 @AllDogsNeed @PomPalaceRescue @cbdcakes @PoliticsArmy @420_mile @royalseedbank @putthesuntowork @TheAmericanVets
@cbdcakes Lets build another platform lol
@cbdcakes Hi CBD cakes, thanks for following us.
@DailyMailUK @cbdcakes Won’t make the slightest bit of difference to the market.
@cbdcakes @LondonRealTV lmao🌿
@cbdcakes @MailOnline This makes it so hard for us too. We have to pull and deny brands for stupid ads.
@cbdcakes @_deepakanand @Forbes 1 1/2 years late lol

@cbdcakes @_deepakanand @Forbes I’ve been trying to get our business model at the very least mentioned in forbes. I honestly think theres a chance we can keep some fair form in cannabis and honest practices. We just need to be loud about it
@cbdcakes @HighTylerGreen @instagram @facebook It’s not cannabis.

Facebook and mastercard are coming out with crypo payment and the msm is silencing anything that isn’t entirely left or who has free thought.

I’m working on this via external network but could use help. Cannabis is illegal still. Hemp accounts are down 2 tho
@cbdcakes Thanks 💚
@cbdcakes https://t.co/mqh2LabL2I
@kubagardener @cbdcakes Gwan lad looks like you have a new member.
@cbdcakes Unbelievable
@cbdcakes 😅😅😅😅🤔😅😅😅😅🤫
@cbdcakes Swiss cheese …🙊🙉🙈
@cbdcakes @Tat_TvamAsi ON IT
@educate_taomc @cbdcakes @ToniaAntoniazzi https://t.co/gJOtDUaZkO
@cbdcakes https://t.co/oX7dDhEtvz
CBD Europe💯💚 – Cbd Cakes UK💚 https://t.co/ekKuMT8ODj via @cbdcakes
CBD Europe💯💚 – Cbd Cakes UK💚 https://t.co/C3LMjN3VXE via @cbdcakes
@cbdcakes @IntKannabia 😃👏🥳🥳🥳
@VoltefaceHub @cbdcakes @cannabiseuropa @jon_zaid How about packing them all in biodegradable #Hemp containers??! Just a thought…#ReleaseTheHerb
@cbdcakes Wait… Beer, and dog treats or beer dog treats?
@cbdcakes @SCMPNews @EMS_token 👀 👆
@releasetheherb @VoltefaceHub @cbdcakes @cannabiseuropa @jon_zaid Completely agree, hemp is the way forward.
@cbdcakes @alastair_moore_ @Aurora_MMJ @guardian @cannabiseuropa 😉
@cbdcakes @cbdflowersuk @Aurora_MMJ 🌿🔥🇬🇧
@cbdcakes @cbdflowersuk @alastair_moore_ @CamBattley @Aurora_MMJ @guardian @cannabiseuropa 🌿🔥🇬🇧
@BlairG1bbs @cbdcakes @cannabiseuropa @C4MC_UK Except when it comes to cbd buds, which will land you illogically in jail still? Really sucks, I don’t want oils/tinctures.
@Paul__North @cbdcakes @CrispinBlunt @normanlamb That’s not soon enough.
@Smoke_Indica @cbdcakes @CrispinBlunt @normanlamb Expectation is different to desire. Agree that as long as prohibition continues harm will occur but have to be realistic and work with what we have
@cbdcakes @TelegraphNews Spelled weeks wrong.
CBD GREEN MONKEY💚 – Cbd Cakes UK💚 https://t.co/7ffE7nMema via @cbdcakes
CBD GREEN MONKEY💚 – Cbd Cakes UK💚 https://t.co/NCtlFCGZ6m via @cbdcakes
@cbdcakes This has been blatant for a long time, mind David nutt being fired because his report directly contradicted government policy? Its bullshit when facts and science lose to brain dead politics.
@cbdcakes I’m in a good mood, let’s call it both 😂
@cbdcakes @Paul__North @CrispinBlunt @normanlamb One can only hope mate 👍
@alastair_moore_ @cbdcakes Sounds like he has a batch of mouldy irradiated weed he needs to shift
@cbdcakes @HighTylerGreen @C4MC_UK Is that from the report?
@cbdcakes @HighTylerGreen @C4MC_UK Blair Gibbs is on a mission to demonise THC. I mean imagine highlighting 0.04% THC? Don’t trust that bloke at all.
@cbdcakes @DopeBuds @cbdflowersuk https://t.co/x7N4rbTS5L
@mhound5 @cbdcakes @C4MC_UK I did think this was an odd tweet about US cannabis companies seeing the future of cannabis opportunity in the UK as all CBD. Why?
@HighTylerGreen @cbdcakes @C4MC_UK Then he brings out a report that high street CBD contains 0.04% THC and is illegal. He’s a nasty piece of work and no one involved with cannabis reform should have anything to do with him.
@cbdcakes @KannabiaSeeds https://t.co/q5Kwnsv5yU
@HighTylerGreen @mhound5 @cbdcakes @C4MC_UK It’s interesting that the Centre for *medical* cannabis, is talking about their opportunity with *nutritional supplements*.
The UKs hemp based CBD industry is a nutritional supplement market 🌱
@cbdcakes They secretly hate us because we can see through their bullshit.
@cbdcakes @DerynsMum Wheres this?
@Thatgirlwitweed #weedstagram420 @cbdcakes @spliffseeds #smokeweedeveryday #kusharmy #weedlife #weedsociety #cannabiscup @nuTTTz_ https://t.co/BjAVC9xD5I
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@cbdcakes @masterinvestor @1auschick @AnandaPlc @edmcdermott12 @ffwdinnovations @biodelta4 Fell asleep soon after it started, I was dreaming Chilston was licking my ear canal
@cbdcakes @dessispavlova @RobbinsGroupLLC @NatHempServ @cbdbrothers @THTCCLOTHING @LegalizeitLala @stevedeangelo @cannaworldsite @OfWeedom @ismokemedia @KannabiaSeeds https://t.co/3I4ijT3QKO thanks 💚🇬🇧
@cbdcakes @MateriaVentures @JosephMuscat_JM @EMMACPLC @ffwdinnovations It was great meeting some of the @EMMACPLC leadership team at @cannabiseuropa this past week. A very impressive, motivated bunch. I see great thing ahead for the Company, their business in #Malta & medical cannabis sector growth in the EU (the latter will take time of course…).
@davidhyde2 @cbdcakes @MateriaVentures @JosephMuscat_JM @EMMACPLC @ffwdinnovations @cannabiseuropa you can invest in Emmac via @ffwdinnovations (when theres shares available to buy again – they are currently in high demand and out of stock today!)..
Un poco de música para aderezar este #HappyFriday 😃🥳🎚️🥁🎹🎺🎸🎵🎶🎶
#StayHigh #StayMotivated #420family #StonerFam

Gracias a @cbdcakes y por supuesto a #TheChemicalBrothers https://t.co/GKSVYlVqVr
@cbdcakes https://t.co/32unf5H4oT
@CannaFrom @RobbinsGroupLLC @NatHempServ @cbdcakes @cbdbrothers @THTCCLOTHING @LegalizeitLala @stevedeangelo @cannaworldsite @OfWeedom @ismokemedia @KannabiaSeeds Fun fact: Raphael Mechoulam was born in Sofia, Bulgaria 🇧🇬 Like me! But yes he’s a must-know cannabis scientist 🤗
@cbdcakes @afterprohibends CBD infused make up 🤷🏼‍♂️
@dessispavlova @RobbinsGroupLLC @NatHempServ @cbdcakes @cbdbrothers @THTCCLOTHING @LegalizeitLala @stevedeangelo @cannaworldsite @OfWeedom @ismokemedia @KannabiaSeeds Brilliant another fun fact he was born on my birthday and my sons 😍 https://t.co/Kd8xs5qBgK
@piersmorgan @cbdcakes @SnoopDogg The truth hurts I guess.
@fuzzysemi @cbdcakes CBD coated contact lenses? Get your CBD Eyeball Paul style.
@afterprohibends @cbdcakes 😂😂👍
@cbdcakes 💚👍
@cbdcakes Tory policy in action.
@EveningStandard @cbdcakes @VoltefaceHub It’s long overdue time to fully legalize, the longer we wait the more children that end up in the morgue caused by inter gang knifings. It’s fucking tragic.
@josephkazUK @cbdcakes @BBCQTWatchalong @JamesCleverly @EmilyThornberry @joswinson @MelanieLatest Thanks for your support, people need to get past drug propaganda and listen to reason, facts and evidence. Sorry to hear you were treated badly by your work, stay safe 👍
@George_Osborne @cbdcakes @EveningStandard https://t.co/ShjnvqL9E6
@George_Osborne @cbdcakes @EveningStandard https://t.co/e8P9d0HZJI
@cbdcakes My mother?
@cbdcakes No brainer really lol
@cbdcakes @billy_bellfoot drop those facts bro
@cbdcakes @billy_bellfoot 24 deaths by cannabis it says 🧐
@billy_bellfoot @cbdcakes Yeah that’s right mate was thinking that but that pic speaks volumes imo probably the coke had a say in it aswell 🙈✌🏻
@billy_bellfoot @cbdcakes ✌🏻☝️💯☮️
@cbdcakes Exactly, I know of dozens (through friends who’ve told me) and I’ve seen two people drink them selves to death and another friend who is currently trying, it seems, to do the same even though he’s watched up close other people do the same! Now try telling me that’s a good thing?!
@cbdcakes I quit drinking around 4 years ago and #Tobacco last April, all with the help of #Cannabis
@cbdcakes @CarlyJBarton @sarahwollaston It isn’t the consumers fault, it is the fault of the system allowing failed drug policy to continue. Remove drugs from criminality and remove those issues. Legalisation will be the biggest disrupter to these markets.
@cbdcakes @eddieandbills I’ve never watched any one smoking weed spew over tha mates then piss tha pants.
@George_Osborne @cbdcakes @EveningStandard When the choice is between 300 seizures per day and no seizures, give the kid the medicine. If its recreational then aye, wait till you’re 21 kid..
@paddygardens @cbdcakes @eddieandbills I saw a recent clip of Gazza pissed up and begging a guy for coke.
@cbdcakes @UkFlawless First world problems
@cbdcakes @UkFlawless haha! Defo one of our fave films!
@cbdcakes @TweeterReynolds @KingsIoPPN 😂😂😂
@cbdcakes @CommonsHealth @UKCIA We’re working on it.
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@cbdcakes @BBCNews ‘And the cake was destroyed…’
@Starchild_Audio @cbdcakes @MailOnline Absolutely awesome and as awesome as drugs growing in a former police station! Ah that shits going to keep me going for years 😂😂😂
@cbdcakes @VoltefaceHub @EveningStandard @cohenstandard @HattieBrewis ‘Down the drain’ I really don’t think so. David has brought this debate to millions this week in the paper and online. Weeks more to go
@cbdcakes @VoltefaceHub @cohenstandard because it’s a quirky, newsworthy story and the Standard is a newspaper
@cbdcakes Beautiful dog! £1000 a treatment? 👀#notfair
@cbdcakes @DutchPassion_ Thank you. Tree is becoming the right word!
@VoltefaceHub @cbdcakes @BBCPolitics Was there any sense spoken or was it just the usual?
@TikkiTum @VoltefaceHub @cbdcakes @BBCPolitics Forgive them theyre all sinners Confessional.
@cbdcakes Thank you!
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@cbdcakes https://t.co/85VTZWDL4o
@cbdcakes Medical /recreation cannabis is the same.
The cbd craze that’s in the UK, is all derived from hemp. Placebo effect.
Legalisation =taxation. No thanx.
Just free the fuckin plant for gods sake.
@cbdcakes Corporate profits > everything.
@cbdcakes 👀 @EMS_token @KevinGlor #EMS Golf you say…..
@cbdcakes @EMS_token @KevinGlor Noticed that cbdMD are making some interesting moves into the sports world – we have some similar opportunities currently being worked on! #MMA #UFC
@cbdcakes @EMS_token @KevinGlor We see the combat sports industry as the first major beneficiary of the obvious benefits of #CBD and the education of those networks of fans – but it’s an all sports agenda – @EMS_token brand ambassadors world champions 👀 of #hemp #cbd – we’re working on that basis 🌱🌏💚
@cbdcakes @EMS_token @KevinGlor We’ll also be leveraging what we see are opportunities arising in the Far East markets, e-commerce platforms, decentralised social media platforms and TV networks to permeate the brand and sales opportunities of our products, whilst continuing to scale our #hemp growing co-op…
@cbdcakes @jxs606 @KevinGlor We plan on fixing that 👀😁🌏🌱
@cbdcakes Is it just sitting in a big warehouse somewhere collecting dust or something because we the people are certainly not receiving it
@cbdcakes Allow all levels, then allow the production and sale of cbd buds, can’t be arsed with overpriced cbd oil when the flower does the job just fine.
@cbdcakes Ano mate money talks as they say
@cbdcakes This a shop?
@cbdcakes Why can’t we follow America and legalise.
Creating job Opportunities and to be able give people the medecine they deserve.
Certainly a far cry from America with the cannabis industry. 😭😭😭🇺🇸🇺🇸👌
@CannaCureuk @CR_UK @freetheweed @thc
@legaliseit @cannabiscurescancer #cannabis
@cbdcakes Everyday
@cbdcakes @FinancialTimes They’ll have to bypass drug corruption in the government first
@cbdcakes @BluhenBotanical @OldCity_Knox https://t.co/NXL0XH0Fsq
@cbdcakes @cbd_lab 🤔
@cbdcakes it’s the finest place to live!
@nthlondonhippy @cbdcakes Strange that cannabis is falsely reported as more dangerous than it is by the media yet they remain silent about alcohol. 🤔
@JohnnyMercerUK @cbdcakes Why not fly to Colorado USA where it’s a success and get the best plan? I’m sure there’s 8.8 million Londoners asking the same bloody question. Oh that’s right. Too much liberty for your subjects. You gotta keep your thumb on their heads and your hands in their wallets.
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations @VOXmarkets Fantastic news! Happy to hold 15% of Yooya still, especially now we know what it really is, and the potential it has! Well done #FFWD bod.
@cbdcakes What a complete disregard of human safety. These cement blocks are disgusting. Corporate profits over all else 🙄
@cbdcakes Right, so cbd bud is illegal and gets people thrown in jail but it’s OK to grow fields of it in the UK? Hemp/cannabis policy in the UK is well behind the times.
@Smoke_Indica @cbdcakes I know whats going on and it was a special project of mine, tho had to put it on hold. When I have time ill get bk on it, and unravel the mystery behind home office grow permits
#FF @HereticBots @MDConnoisseur @ArtForCamera @NaturalVegas @napawineandart @PaulLouisThoma1 @CauseItsTheCup @cbdcakes @YourMomIsRight @BBBvanille @bubbathedog6 @vegantee1 @RJARecipes @brucebussard @AnnieDeeter @AstheticsFeels @vegantraveleat
@Smoke_Indica @cbdcakes Solely CBD extraction 🤔
@CannaApi @cbdcakes From flower/bud though, sucks that it’s full steam ahead for oils but flowers remain prohibited.
@Smoke_Indica @cbdcakes Agreed
@EMS_token @HKFighting @MustacheTommy @Benza333 @RealCoryMachado @cbdcakes @BigGibUK @SharePickers

#CBD + #HEMP + $CRYPTO + #MMA + #SPORTS = 🔥🔥
@cbdcakes Smells more like fake news🌿💚🇬🇧😂
@cbdcakes Impact on nationwide supply: none.
@NatHempServ @cbdcakes @sussex_police @brightoncc420 Seems fair, you’d expect police to do this for alcohol including unregulated sales. For adults who bring their own it seems tolerated. 👍
@Smoke_Indica @cbdcakes @sussex_police @brightoncc420 There were only two arrests the entire day✌️ The officers themselves were proportionately policing, but a huge amount of police resources were wasted and they managed to create the best looking prohibtion flyer we’ve seen for years 🌿
@cbdcakes Whats his position?
@cbdcakes https://t.co/9QgpWETj3u
🎬 For those that prefer to 👀 what @EMS_token is about rather than 📖 about it
40 seconds of pure video magic 😉💚🔥
#ShowMe #CBD #GreenMeansGo
@TheCBDproject @Tronfoundation
@cbdcakes Gutted. Not part of the Tory cannabis elite? Not allowed to grow. 😂😭
@cbdcakes So like £900 for an oz of legal weed? Some nonsense.
@karenmurraygray @cbdcakes He’s look great. The wonders of nature’s best medicine. So happy for you all
@jliebling @cbdcakes @C4MC_UK Guarantee it’s more than that.
@cbdcakes Maybe this is how we get legal weed? Everyone invests in it & under Prohibition they are criminals 😂
@cbdcakes Then what are we waiting for? Legalize outright, economy recovers from brexit, sorted. 👍
@afterprohibends @cbdcakes Big day for dyfed powys police but sadly just a waste of time and money and will have little to no impact on the supply. Just legalize it ffs.
@cbdcakes @afterprohibends 😂😂😂😂
@End_Our_Pain @cbdcakes Absolutely disgusting
@cbdcakes This should be the nail in the coffin, it’s medicine, legalize it outright instead of creating monopolies.
@joerogan @cbdcakes Unreal 👏
@cbdcakes Disgusting treatment of patients. Shame on them.
@cbdcakes What on earth is going on with that joint? Someone needs a pack of roaches.. 😂
@Smoke_Indica @cbdcakes https://t.co/54KjO3oxYs
@cbdcakes Not soon enough.
@VoltefaceHub @cbdcakes @Liz_McCll @VictoriaLIVE Within a decade?! Nobody wants to wait 10 years for legal weed. Do it immediately after brexit 👌
@cbdcakes Spelt days wrong.
Economics of legalising cannabis — pricing and policing are crucial | via @cbdcakes https://t.co/fxN9e2Mzps https://t.co/5gOxzltNdr
@cbdcakes 1 year plz, nobody wants to waste a decade waiting for legal weed.. This is kicking the can waaaay down the road
@cbdcakes @alexwickham They should do it before brexit 👍
@cbdcakes This was always going to happen. Can’t trust companies out there that are willing to put profit ahead of product and customers health. I’d prefer to go to someone that grows their own then make RSO oil
@cbdcakes Looks like a personal grow
@cbdcakes Err yes.
@cbdcakes Yes 👍
@cbdcakes Thanks for your support this last week 🙂 https://t.co/FoVZd2r835
@cbdcakes Imagine we had legal weed? This would be a thriving business. Shame.
@cbdcakes Yes.
@cbdcakes If they realise that THC helps also then we will see real change. I’m a big CBD fan
@cbdcakes Cbd flower is better 👍
@Jdsportsfan1 @cbdcakes Not quite! The Bulldog Palace was formerly a police station but it was bought legally at an auction. 🐾 🐶
@cbdcakes @NatHempServ @Smoke_Indica @sussex_police @brightoncc420 😂😂😂😂
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🤔 got questions just ask 🙂
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@cbdcakes @DarrenPalmer16 I got a few more up my sleeve yet
@cbdcakes @End_Our_Pain Seriously 👀
@cbdcakes @End_Our_Pain More and more folk are just going to start growing their own.
@cbdcakes @End_Our_Pain Were they paid to say that 🤔
@cbdcakes I nearly threw up seeing her face
@cbdcakes Proper corruption. Imagine your business being so crap you demand prohibition is inflicted on 66m UK citizens just so you can charge £700/oz. Seriously wicked stuff. UK is way behind the times.
@cbdcakes @End_Our_Pain Just straight up medical misinformation. Disgraceful. 😵
@cbdcakes Nice kick of the can down the road, can barely see it anymore.
@cbdcakes 😂😂😂😂
@cbdcakes Wow they’re still not on board giving it to life threatening illnesses? Sick.
@cbdcakes Gotta see greater stock prices before they think about it 🙄
@cbdcakes @Smoke_Indica FFS 🤬🤬🤬
@cbdcakes @Smoke_Indica Cannabis has no medicinal benefits unless it’s made into a drug by a pharmaceutical company 🤬
@cbdcakes 👏🏻👏🏻💚
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@cbdcakes In the sun. must be true!😆
@cbdcakes https://t.co/NGSlWY5dSm
@cbdcakes https://t.co/OPTyUs27Y5
Cbd Coffee Shop👍 – Cbd Cakes UK https://t.co/bfOoNxANME via @cbdcakes
Cbd Coffee Shop👍 – Cbd Cakes UK https://t.co/hzJ9mMVmsB via @cbdcakes
@cbdcakes Well done.
@cbd_lab @cbdcakes Big difference between “food” and “supplements”
@cbdcakes Billionaire? Doubt it..
@MERRYJANE @cbdcakes Nonsense
@cbdcakes @MERRYJANE Just a few quid 😂
@cbdcakes appreciate the follow. You have some great content! 👍🏼👍🏼
@cbdcakes @sarahwollaston I thought she was against legalisation 🤔
@cbdcakes @sarahwollaston Typical politician changing their minds to suit whatever party they’re associated with 🙄
@VictoriaLIVE @cbdcakes @Hanseizuremum Home office designed policy to prevent patients gaining access so their buddies could charge £800/oz. Cartels would happily kill to charge these outrageously inflated prices.
CBD and UFC💯 – Cbd Cakes UK https://t.co/7ffE7nMema via @cbdcakes
@cbdcakes @Entrepreneur @Steasenberger Step one don’t start the company in the uk
@cbdcakes Thank you @cbdcakes ! 💚💚
@cbdcakes You can go to jail for politically incorrect social media posts and can’t buy utensils except under strict conditions, this shouldn’t be a big surprise.
https://t.co/Bx3gsjPH3m via @cbdcakes
@cbdcakes Pretty exciting
@cbdcakes Nice! 😯😀🤩🥳💚
@cbdcakes @TelegraphNews Inflated prices yes, so legalize it so the big pharma cartel prices fall due to competition. Disgusting prohibitionist behaviour. Sick
@cbdcakes @MailOnline Disgusting
@TweeterReynolds @cbdcakes @ukhomeoffice @patel4witham Manipulate the market so medical cannabis is too expensive.
Reject cannabis on NHS due to prior market price fixing.
200 IQ https://t.co/jEeBG8Szzp
@cbdcakes It’s so comforting to have a small piece of CBD cake😇. Just one slice.😍
@MERRYJANE @cbdcakes Nothing is better than👉 Cbd edibles😇.
@cbdcakes Lol.. Metal Detecting is a really dangerous sport? 😂
@cbdcakes To be fair, archeology is better – they don’t nick the findings for profit 🙄
@cbdcakes There’s nothing they could do for cannabis ingestion, why did they go to the hospital? Lol
@JackFre77132266 @Kayleighsbattle @Pual82690513 @c_cannabiscafe @bud_tank @cbdcakes @DrHarris88 @yabadabadooy @eddiewoodman11 @FibroFarmhouse Words are all I have. I’ll use any weapon…
@JackFre77132266 @Pual82690513 @c_cannabiscafe @bud_tank @cbdcakes @Kayleighsbattle @DrHarris88 @yabadabadooy @eddiewoodman11 @FibroFarmhouse YES!
@cbdcakes For the first time in recorded history! 😂 bet they loved it really 😂
@cbdcakes To be fair, as a non smoker not knowing they ingested drugs, it’s understandable they would call ambulances when they started feeling woozy. If intentionally dosed against their knowledge it’d probably be safer than sorry to not trust it was only weed.
@Smoke_Indica @cbdcakes Sadly more common than you’d think amongst inexperienced users.
Lack of education – if people wrongly think this is dangerous drug and then are suddenly very high then they may panic.
Hate that it feeds into the hysteria cycle
@HighTylerGreen @cbdcakes To be fair, if they didn’t know they had been dosed before the effects kicked in then its fair enough to want to go to the hospital, especially if its a high dosage.
@cbdcakes Gross
@wallaceme @cbdcakes And it was the… https://t.co/sZf0RRGbrr
@cbdcakes @wallaceme 😂😂😂
@cbdcakes @wallaceme Soooo jealous! Sounds amazing 🥳😂
@cbdcakes So not really amnesty then?
@cbdcakes @TweeterReynolds 😂😂😂😂
@JackFre77132266 @Kayleighsbattle @Pual82690513 @c_cannabiscafe @bud_tank @cbdcakes @DrHarris88 @yabadabadooy @eddiewoodman11 @FibroFarmhouse @artStuvsSeaton Yes. Just getting started
@JackFre77132266 @Kayleighsbattle @Pual82690513 @c_cannabiscafe @bud_tank @cbdcakes @DrHarris88 @yabadabadooy @eddiewoodman11 @FibroFarmhouse How is it divisive
@JackFre77132266 @Kayleighsbattle @Pual82690513 @c_cannabiscafe @bud_tank @cbdcakes @DrHarris88 @yabadabadooy @eddiewoodman11 @FibroFarmhouse Explain. I’m a homeless guy on Twitter. Words are all I have
@JackFre77132266 @Kayleighsbattle @Pual82690513 @c_cannabiscafe @bud_tank @cbdcakes @DrHarris88 @yabadabadooy @eddiewoodman11 @FibroFarmhouse I’m advocating for everyone
@JackFre77132266 @Kayleighsbattle @Pual82690513 @c_cannabiscafe @bud_tank @cbdcakes @DrHarris88 @yabadabadooy @eddiewoodman11 @FibroFarmhouse Just telling the truth about one thing
@artStuvsSeaton @JackFre77132266 @Kayleighsbattle @Pual82690513 @c_cannabiscafe @bud_tank @cbdcakes @DrHarris88 @yabadabadooy @eddiewoodman11 @FibroFarmhouse I’m willing to lay my life down for every #cannabis user. I have #fibromialgia. I’m willing to risk everything.
@JackFre77132266 @artStuvsSeaton @Kayleighsbattle @Pual82690513 @c_cannabiscafe @bud_tank @cbdcakes @DrHarris88 @yabadabadooy @eddiewoodman11 @FibroFarmhouse What do you recommend that I’m not doing right now
@JackFre77132266 @artStuvsSeaton @Kayleighsbattle @Pual82690513 @c_cannabiscafe @bud_tank @cbdcakes @DrHarris88 @yabadabadooy @eddiewoodman11 @FibroFarmhouse I’m not begging anyone. I’m demanding an audience
@UKCannabisClubs @cbdcakes 4,000 for weed each month UK?
@cbdcakes How did you get the bot stoned? What strain did you use?
@CLEARUK @cbdcakes Nothing surer than big business taking over then comes corruption and greed 😞
@cbdcakes @ukmccs Heavy night on the crack pipe
@cbdcakes Volteface pin up girl.
@cbdcakes @c_cannabiscafe Did they time travel back to the 90s to find that soap bar?
@c_cannabiscafe @cbdcakes How many gave they got ?!
@BCFC @cbdcakes @cbdgreenmonkey @EMS_token 👀👀👀👌
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@cbdcakes Thanks guys
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CBD GREEN MONKEY💯 – Cbd Cakes UK https://t.co/7ffE7nMema via @cbdcakes
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Cbd Cake Recipe – Cbd Cakes UK https://t.co/FSxWDrjxkI via @cbdcakes
@cbdcakes Prohibitionists: https://t.co/0FTYzHzcOs
@cbdcakes @c_cannabiscafe All kinds of wrong 👀🙈
@cbdcakes I wish that were true but no MP is going to be elected on that or any single issue.
@cbdcakes @TweeterReynolds As a Totnes resident, local farmer, business owner, employer, patient and parent; Sir/Madam you have my vote on that single issue alone. Ps. Who is the new Tory guy you speak of?!? PPS. Don’t tell me, I don’t care, what colour are your rosettes?
High Society Cannabis Cafe – Cbd Cakes UK https://t.co/DVI2zWZJTj via @cbdcakes
High Society Cannabis Cafe – Cbd Cakes UK https://t.co/E91kIQR2s4 via @cbdcakes
@cbdcakes @TelegraphNews About damn time!
@cbdcakes @TelegraphNews No joke.
@cbdcakes 😂😂😂😂
@cbdcakes Not sure it looks very good – a bit tacky methinks. But I will be recording it.
@cbdcakes 👍
@cbdcakes 😂 amazing!
@cbdcakes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍
@cbdcakes She was amazing!!
@MickeyMcCartney @cbdcakes Inexperience hahah
cbdflowers – Cbd Cakes UK https://t.co/xXMNC5uhcf via @cbdcakes
@cbdcakes 😂😂
@cbdcakes MKes sense, don’t punish people for non-crimes, further there should be criminal convictions wiped from record and reparations for those affected negatively by the war on drugs.
@carolinaquile69 #ganja @Thatgirlwitweed @Cloudious9Crew #weedstagram420 @cbdcakes @StonerBonerWear @spliffseeds #smokeweedeveryday #kusharmy #weedlife #weedsociety #cannabiscup @sativachain @girlswhosmoke22 https://t.co/jJNbzlnvs0
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CBDMD UK💯 – Cbd Cakes UK https://t.co/nr9UTom4Fk via @cbdcakes
@jxs606 @cbdcakes @YouTube 👍
@jxs606 @cbdcakes @YouTube 👍
@cbdcakes At least it was a good demonstration of why it’s called a whitey. Guy looked like a sweaty ghost 👻 😂
@undercovergrow @cbdcakes 🤣👏🏻
@cbdcakes @undercovergrow Bog cuddling what a feeling 😂
@cbdcakes @OphelieJanus @BenPBradshaw @sajidjavid 👀 nearly time for this surely @ExeterCX might be coming to you with a proposal in the near future..for shaping the #hemp agenda across the SW….
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@SamDMalone @cbdcakes She was amazing! 👍😂
@cbdcakes This is a nice content, a great way to inspire people for creativity 🖤❤️😍
@cbdcakes @ConnectionsDam @RelaxCoffeeshop @cbdflowersuk The best
@cbdcakes Legalize it & tax the lad. Jeez
@cbdcakes @MailOnline 150 plants? Pfft sounds like personal use.
@cbdcakes Let us know! We can arrange some cakes for you guys! 🐾
@danthem58790336 @cbdcakes Hey man, tax free weed, sounds like a wild ride!
@Notts_Blade @cbdcakes @Channel4 @sjsurgenor
@cbdcakes @cbdflowersuk Can’t wait! 🌱🌱💚
@cbdcakes @cbdflowersuk @EMS_token Deeeefinitely! 👍 We’re visiting this year, ahead of launching over here soon. Then things should be looking pretty exciting by next year and hopefully we’ll have our own stand! 💪💚 Are you guys going?
@cbdcakes @cbdflowersuk @EMS_token Ah shame 😔 Can make up for it next year! 🌱🤩
@cbdcakes @alwayshayleym @cbdflowersuk @EMS_token @alwayshayleym is the newest recruit to the #EMSUK crew! You’re already a key part of that @cbdcakes 💚🌱but will be great when we launch in the #UK with Twizted Monkey and EMS #CBD products to get things moving!
@alwayshayleym @EMS_token @AussieCrasher @cbdcakes @tonyhawk 🔥🔥🔥💚💚🌱🌱🌱
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@FIO_Social @jxs606 @EMS_token @AussieCrasher @cbdcakes @tonyhawk @WLFOFMYST @Simgroup3 @BenSimmons25 @kobebryant @justinbieber @SnoopDogg @50cent @idriselba Gotta try right 😂 They should buy their cbd products then go and chill on https://t.co/zUUlB6Or1U 👍
@cbdcakes @Leafly Fuck them, what pricks
@cbdcakes Rules for thee but not for me? Dickhead kept weed illegal then fucked the country with brexit.
@cbdcakes @jxs606 @EMS_token @hempenorganic @TheHempExchange Looks awesome! Can’t wait to be there tomorrow 💚🔥
@cbdcakes Has he ever had a head in the first place to get off apart from the pig one
@alwayshayleym @cbdcakes @EMS_token @hempenorganic @TheHempExchange https://t.co/3ncY3KTyLU
@cbdcakes The pig? 🐖👌
@cbdcakes @MetroUK Thank fuck, xanex is some toxic shit.
@cbdcakes I would be honored recipes are free for all- a link would be nice
@cbdcakes Finally someone talking sense
@cbdcakes @VoltefaceHub @LabourDrugRef @HighTylerGreen @Smoke_Indica Hi @cbdcakes, that is @Independent’s photograph from the article
@cbdcakes @VoltefaceHub @LabourDrugRef @antlehane @HighTylerGreen They shouldn’t be promoting tobacco use in their joints, highly irresponsible
@antlehane @cbdcakes @VoltefaceHub @LabourDrugRef @HighTylerGreen @Independent Smoke pure joints, or switch to a vape instead of tobacco laced delivery mechanisms 👌
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@cbdcakes Something to do with Area 51 I think
@cbdcakes So just cbd? Barely news.
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@cbdcakes 😂😂😂😂 who wrote this??
@cbdcakes It would have to be 😂
@cbdcakes This is why flower is better than oil, you can at least inspect it for problems where as a liquid could be anything
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Twizted Monkey #CBD onto the next dimension of growth in the US..

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Deep in thought, with links on links emerging as we crack the code to the perpetual survival of humanity….

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@crazyjane125 Yes, hoorah for Totnes! – just up the road from us – and where we could find @CBDcakes 👊💚♥
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Im excellent thanks! Loving EVERY minute of living at HOME😊🏠❤
Big Love Dude 💚🇬🇧✌
BBC News – SNP formally backs decriminalisation of drugs https://t.co/Mdpj6xjTfC @cbdcakes
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Hey Cbd Cakes(@cbdcakes), thank you for following me
@cbdcakes Sadly predictable I guess
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@cbdcakes Wow nice.
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@cbdcakes Halcyon days. If only I hadn’t lost my tuba-paw in a freak turnip trap incident.
@ShareWomble @cbdcakes Didnt it grow back 🤔
@DavidSm91339510 @ShareWomble @cbdcakes He’s a Womble not a fucking Nematode
@DavidSm91339510 @cbdcakes Dunno if it’s meant to? I’m stumped.
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@cbdcakes Yeah he was reverse brain washing an entire generation
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@cbdcakes @c_cannabiscafe @sarahwollaston I believe, this time it’s about the good changes. War on drugs is a killer for families. Psychopathic killer who’s racist. No one can wear uniforms of that for longer
@cbdcakes They should know that most cbd oil companies are prohibitionists who oppose the distribution of cbd bud.
@cbdcakes Legally they have to ask before they claim it for themselves 😂

In all seriousness though this is cringe lol
@cbdcakes @EMS_token Who would have seen it coming…the health and wellness trend around cooking and #CBD #THC 🤫
@cbdcakes @Channel4News @Anja_Popp @MattHancock The whole situation could be a simple solution for all, the uk could be self sufficient for this but they won’t move forward, let people grow their own and the uk could supply who can’t 🤷🏼‍♀️
@cbdcakes Well it’s perfectly safe, why shouldn’t they partake? Lol
@cbdcakes @Anja_Popp Proper disgraceful. Tories distracted everyone with promises & promptly did fuck all about it, damn prohibitionists are the worst.
@cbdcakes Beer has 4% alcohol, vodka 40%
Nobody drinks a pint of vodka
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@cbdcakes Yet cbd herb is illegal
@Smoke_Indica @cbdcakes free the cbd herb🌿 https://t.co/32tRY4nufP
@cbdcakes @jxs606 Where did you find this video of our co-founder Glyn?! 😱
@cbdcakes @MattHancock Almost criminal really the ineptitude…
@cbdcakes @MattHancock We could be creating a whole sector, supply chain and wellness market for the country to become a resilient island and our politicians can’t look past a few days into the future of strategic human system regeneration…
@cbdcakes @MattHancock Simple things like the harvesting and processing of flower #CBD for British farmers would transform the #hemp #agriculture diversification & allow us to be global leaders in this ancient industry. Just following the paths that lead us to evolution not eradication of mind & body.
@cbdcakes @MattHancock @sarahwollaston @BenPBradshaw @JohnnyMercerUK Agree with this! Looking forward to bringing a solution for a South West Farming Hub to the likes of @sarahwollaston @BenPBradshaw @JohnnyMercerUK in order to stimulate the industrial strategy goals & tie in multiple advanced manufacturing, construction sectors to #greeneconomy
@cbdcakes @HealthEuropa California hemp bill delays legalisation of foods, beverages and cosmetics with hemp-based CBD https://t.co/BdKkyZkT10
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@cbdcakes Half! Could have been worse, 52-48 for example🤭
@cbdcakes Accidentally…accidentally on purpose! Best wake (and bake) ever!!
@cbdcakes 😖😅
@cbdcakes https://t.co/pFUjiCEJT6
@cbdcakes What a load of shit! 🤬
@cbdcakes Bullshit 🙄🤬🤦‍♀️
@cbdcakes @NaturalSoluti20 I’m in if you’re making them
@katie_cbd @cbdcakes Wish I had the time 😂😂🎃
@cbdcakes @katie_cbd @EMS_token @jxs606 Haha love this
@cbdcakes @katie_cbd @NaturalSoluti20 @EMS_token This is on next year’s Halloween Party menu!! Also look alot like my nephew!
@cbdcakes @NaturalSoluti20 @EMS_token @jxs606 Love it
@cbdcakes @katie_cbd @NaturalSoluti20 @EMS_token looks*
@cbdcakes @katie_cbd @NaturalSoluti20 @EMS_token haha nope the wife’s side so the Midlands! https://t.co/AG7SAMLev4
@cbdcakes No, the NHS did not use a ‘hatchet’. It was very balanced. If you read the conclusion it says exactly the same thing. One of the most counterproductive traits of the #cannabis campaign is an angry reaction to anything that is less than 100% supportive https://t.co/5RhQl0mu90
@cbdcakes 😆
@cbdcakes Do they die off later on in the day?
@cbdcakes may I DM you please. ?? Need some assistance! Cheers xx🌱💚🍰
@cbdcakes @MattHancock @ToniaAntoniazzi Well she’s Welsh and she has the right idea on #cannabis and wider #drugspolicy so that’s a good start
@cbdcakes @wordpressdotcom Good article
@cbdcakes Ouch, might be legal by the time they’re out
@cbdcakes They’re full of shit
@cbdcakes @MetroUK It does help. Cuz I was never awake long enough to struggle with it
@cbdcakes @MetroUK Sounds like they’re corrupt.
@RelaxCoffeeshop @cbdcakes 🍰🌿💚🔥
@cbdcakes @grizzlemedia About time someone did better late than never i suppose just in time for our new flower catalogue😎😎😎 🙌👏🙌https://t.co/nkjBCqnW3Z
@cbdcakes The way this country is atm and its lack of knowledge of medicinal cannabis throughout its NHS system is truly shocking and that is an understatement!
@SadiqKhan @cbdcakes That’s great but why the picture of Mr Bean and Martin Freemans lovechild?
@cbdcakes Simple: corruption.
@cbdcakes @cannabiseuropa @EMMACLSG Deeply insulting to any Italians
#SundayMotivation Have a GREAT day everyone 😊
#StayLifted #cannabiscommunity
@420linksuk @cannabiseuropa @GrowBigBuds @bgdknk @PMR420 @cana_kush @garett_mjstocks @Kunzitoons @ArmyOfPotheads @TheLoudBank @EmeraldZoo @Norstackk @cbdcakes @snoopdemidogg @Hippie_of_Love @dahmane277 Happy Sunday! Have a stoney day @420linksuk and all. #StayLifted #420life 😎🌿💨☮️💜 https://t.co/d1LuFmBaO9
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@cbdcakes 👀
@cbdcakes @Femail Oh it’s smiling ……… wow 😮
@contrariansmind @cbdcakes @Forbes Fucking lot of pish just taking a job off someone
@proactive_UK @cbdcakes Possibly not if his company is a casualty of the #saracens drama playing out in the English media.
@cbdcakes @MailOnline who
@cbdcakes @proactive_UK Looking forward to the IPO
@cbdcakes Yes, they haven’t blocked me yet but I don’t suppose it will be long. Anyway, they’re not going to have it all their own way. Other collaborations have been established within the industry that will fight the novel foods scam, rather than surrendering to it.
@HIGH_TIMES_Mag @cbdcakes #ffwd
@cbdcakes @MailOnline Yes should stick to music, and stay out of the cannabis business lol

Do you think they lose a lot of credit for jumping and pumping cannabis?
@cbdcakes Nobody cares lol
@cbdcakes @MailOnline Next you be telling me you bought the album 🐘🐘🐘🐘
@cbdcakes @MailOnline https://t.co/jEOxqL4YVH
@cbdcakes @MailOnline #ffwd #Emmac
@cbdcakes Now you need to find a doctor, who is aloud to priscribe the medication. Good luck with that.
@crimlawuk @cbdcakes Skunk is a key ingredient in medicines such as sativex. Funny how skunk in a bottle is medicine and skunk flower is the evil street skunk, as you put it.
@crimlawuk @cbdcakes My argument isnt over sativex per se, my argument is the hypocrisy and downright cruelty of this government’s handling of making cannabis unaffordable and hence un available to sick people.
@crimlawuk @cbdcakes And as for giving my child home grown, this is the issue isnt it. Pay an extortionate amount for a private prescription which is beyond many people or grow your own and make into medicine. The latter Carries risk of Imprisonment/criminal record.
@crimlawuk @Dublove76 @cbdcakes Yes most definitely
@crimlawuk @cbdcakes 🤣🤣 is this actually a joke?? Because it’s a bloody good one I give you that!!
@crimlawuk @cbdcakes Looks like a 1000% price markup on medicine to me. Fail.
@bbc5live @cbdcakes @BBCSounds Let her grow her own or legally import any strain. Drug cartels could only dream of charging such insane prices, but big pharma forces medical patients in the UK to fork over that much. Disgraceful.
@crimlawuk @Dublove76 @cbdcakes Absolutely.
@cbdcakes @IrelandWeed Depends what price NHS can beat him down to. Is that not part of the deal?
@cbdcakes @IrelandWeed About Sativex “The manufacturer has not yet made a submission to the Scottish Medicines Consortium and so it is not routinely available in Scotland.” We’ve met a Scot who was offerred Sativex if they’d stop using cannabis for 6 weeks (was it?) & another who got it for MS.
@cbdcakes @IrelandWeed In January 2019 a trial was agreed for 10 children suffering from severe epilepsy in Scotland to get Epidiolex, a cannabis-based treatment, on the NHS. We heard rumours it does not work very well but no trial results so far that we’ve seen.
@cbdcakes Fair play
@cbdcakes It would be a crime not to grow on your private island.
@cbdcakes Legalize already! So stupid keeping it illegal!
@cbdcakes @CbdEmporium I really don’t understand that this is an issue in this day and age
@cbdcakes That is no fun! Here’s hoping fibre comes your way soon!
@cbdcakes A great reason to emigrate…
@cbdcakes I’m from the UK, just thought I’d clear that one up.
@cbdcakes #Emmac and #ffwd is your route to invest pre ipo
@cbdcakes No KickBacks, Maybe A Little 💰 Like Big Pharma Pays Would Show Change In Physician’s Attitude…
@cbdcakes @ffwdinnovations @EMMACLSG #ffwd on fire🌿#cbd #cannabis #medicalcannabis #hemp https://t.co/3Qh3ux7rqS
@cbdcakes @greenhamneggs Cbd to drop nicely into factoms blockchain makes perfect sense?
@cbdcakes TV coming in today
@cbdcakes @cbdflowersuk Not a chance. Unfuckinbelievable the price companies are going to put on things.