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420 apparently coined as a code word by high school students in San Rafael, California in 1971 with reference to 4.20 p.m., the time at which they regularly met to try to locate an unattended plot of cannabis plants.

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hope everyone has the most amazing afternoon 💚 Happy 420 Everyone 💚 ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤️

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Popped down to #HydePark #London and the #420day celebrations already well underway. This year looks set to be the biggest event to date

used to refer to cannabis or to the act of smoking cannabis.

“a 420-friendly hotel”20th April (abbreviated 4/20 in the US), considered as an occasion for smoking or celebrating the smoking of cannabis.

“thousands of cannabis smokers converged on Hippie Hill for the annual 420 celebration”

Hyde Park, Leeds


What a day!!! #durham420 amazing people amazing atmosphere, we have loved every minute of it @DurhamCity_CC @staybay420


Ben and Jerry’s is giving customers the opportunity to get their hands on free ice cream when they purchase marijuana on 420.

The American food company has partnered with Caliva, a cannabis dispensary organisation based in San Jose, California.

When customers place orders of marijuana through Caliva on Saturday 20 April, they’ll receive a free pint of Ben and Jerry’s ‘Half Baked’ ice cream in return.