Bubba Watson uses CBDMD

Bubba Watson uses CBDMD to help ease golf injuries💚

Bubba Watson Officially Partnered CBDMD

So for me it was about how I create longevity in the game of golf

CBD was easily a fit for me.

‘I’ve done my research



The American has recently entered into a partnership with cbdMD, a company which produces a variety of cannabidiol goods.

Two time Masters champion Bubba Watson says CBD — the chemical found in hemp and marijuana plants — can help sustain his career at the highest level

Watson, who recently celebrated his 40th birthday, revealed he uses such products in order to ease the rigours of playing professional golf and credits it for keeping him free of injury.

I see Phil Mickelson winning at 48, so I’ve got at least eight more years of having a shot of winning some tournaments,” Watson told CNN Sport’s Don Riddell.”

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed the compound from its list of banned substances last year but, due to its link with cannabis, it still holds a certain stigma in sport.

The PGA Tour, on which Watson plays, issued a warning to all its players in early April, saying: “As with all supplements, the PGA Tour warns players who inquire about CBD products that there is no guarantee a supplement contains what is listed on the label, therefore there is a risk that a supplement may contain a prohibited substance.

Emotional Bubba Watson reveals quit thoughts last year. However, Watson is confident that his use of the product is well within the legal framework of the game.”I’ve had doctors involved to do my research and see what companies out there make a product that’s safe for me and safe for my family. It was a no brainer,” said the 12-time PGA Tour winner.”There’s no bad stuff in it, there are no chemicals in there that will mess you up or make you fail a drugs test. There are certain companies we trust.

“I’ve personally felt the benefits of cbdMD’s products,” said Bubba Watson. “cbdMD is the safest on the market and I am proud to partner with them to help millions feel better.”

 Watson will feature the cbdMD logo on both sides of his headwear at all PGA Tour events. The deal also includes a wide range of additional, integrated marketing opportunities to promote the cbdMD brand


Mickelson and Woods taking CBD

Tiger Woods is chewing gum at the 2019 Masters, and golf fans are wondering why and if Woods is chewing CBD oil gum to calm his nerves.

While there’s a set of data to suggest there’s a reason to chew gum — any kind of gum — some speculate Mickelson and Woods are chewing CBD gum, maybe from CBD oil.

At the 2019 Masters, a number of fans spotted Mickelson using a pipette to put a few drops of a liquid from a bottle into his mouth. He wasn’t trying to flaunt he was doing it, perhaps because it looks a little strange to the casual observer. However, to fans who have used CBD oil or have seen others use it, they knew right away what they thought they saw.

The PGA Tour and World Anti-Doping Agency don’t consider CBD oil as a performance-enhancing drug, but rather a supplement. The proliferation of CBD oil products — drops, gum, lotions, wipes — has spread throughout the PGA Tour. But people notice when Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson do something different more than the average PGA Tour card holder.

Mickelson was spotted ingesting something from an eye dropper. While we don’t know what it was, lefty looked sketchy while doing it.

Now, speculating on what is in that bottle will yield no results. Only further speculation. But the reality is, Mickelson looks over his shoulder like a 16-year-old smoking a doobie in his backyard for the first time and is nervous his parents might come home any second. And who knows, he could be right. Masters chairman Fred Ridley might be in those bushes.

 It may help with anxiety or prove to be an anti-inflammatory aid, which would help Mickelson who deals with arthritis.

CBDMD Becomes the Official CBD Partner of Bellator MMA

 Bellator MMA has announced a multi-year, category exclusive partnership with cbdMD

cbdMD, Inc. to Form Official Partnership with Bellator MMA

Bellator MMA, a leading mixed martial arts organization featuring the best fighters in the world

About cbdMD
CBDMD a nationally recognized consumer cannabidiol (CBD) brand whose current products include CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD topicals,CBD bath bombs, CBD vape oils, and CBD pet products. The company also operates licensing and corporate brand management businesses, as well as the products division.

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Cannabis cake

Cannabis cake gift eaten by unwitting Warrington nurse

A cake given to nurses by a grateful relative of a hospital patient turned out to have been laced with cannabis.

It was presented as a thank-you gift – but nobody recognised the “strange odour” of the Class B drug until a member of staff had eaten a slice.

The man who gave staff the cake – left over from a birthday party for his grandson – did not realise its contents, police said.

Warrington Hospital said the staff member who tucked in was unaffected.

‘Strong words of advice’😂

Cheshire Police said officers had been made aware that a homemade cake “suspected to contain drugs” had been given to staff at the hospital on 27 May.

Tests later showed the cake – reported to be a red velvet cake – did indeed contain cannabis.

“Following an investigation, officers determined that the member of the public who had brought in the cake was unaware of the content of the cake as it had been left over from their grandson’s birthday party,” said a spokesman for the force.

Police said no action had been taken, but the man’s grandson received “strong words of advice” and the cake was destroyed.😂

Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said it had interviewed all staff, and patient care had not been put at risk.

Chief nurse Kimberley Salmon-Jamieson said one nurse ate a small piece of cake before leaving at the end of their shift.

“We are now working with staff to exercise caution on receiving edible gifts,” she added.



Nurses ‘off their faces’ after grandad accidentally gives them cannabis cake

Police “destroyed” the red velvet sponge after a man who was “unaware of the content” gave it to hospital workers as a present.

Nurses were reportedly “off their faces” after a “nice old man” handed them a cake laced with cannabis as a thank you present.

Police were called to Warrington Hospital in Cheshire after staff ate the red velvet sponge that was spiked with the class B drug.

A grandfather, who wanted to thank the nurses for their care of a relative, is said to have been unaware of the cake’s additional ingredient.

He had taken it from his grandson’s 18th birthday party before presenting it to nurses.

Hospital bosses are said to have denied anyone consumed the cake, but Cheshire Police have confirmed it was eaten on the premises.

A member of staff, who did not want to be named, told the Manchester Evening News that “three or four” nurses were “off their faces” afterwards.

They added that the staff members were also feeling “relaxed” after their slices of cake.

The hospital worker said: “They were eating the cake and then the next minute the staff were all off their faces.

“It was brought in by a nice old man as a thank you, but it was full of funny stuff and had them all relaxed.

“There was no impact on the patients whatsoever, but they all knew something was wrong, so the police were called in.”

Officers tested the sponge and confirmed it contained cannabis, making it what is often referred to as a “space cake”.

A Cheshire Police investigation found the grandfather had no idea what was in the sponge and was shocked to discover the disruption on the ward.

Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is said to have conducted a 72-hour investigation after the cake was eaten on 27 May.

Chief nurse Kimberley Salmon-Jamieson said: “A visitor brought in some birthday cake from their relative’s 18th birthday which was offered to our staff as a thank you for the excellent care that a patient had received.

“The visitor was completely unaware that there was cannabis in the cake.

“Only one member of staff ate a small piece of cake, did not suffer any ill-effects, did not care for any patients afterwards and finished their shift.

“On noticing a strange odour from the cake senior staff notified Cheshire Police who removed and subsequently destroyed the cake.”

A Cheshire Police spokesperson said: “Officers received a report on Monday 27 May that a cake which was suspected to contain drugs had been brought into Warrington Hospital by a member of the public and given to staff.

“Following an investigation officers determined that the member of the public who had brought in the cake was unaware of the content of the cake as it had been left over from their grandson’s birthday party.

“Officers have now spoken to all parties involved and given some strong words of advice.

“The case has now been closed and the cake has been destroyed.”😁

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